New Bromon Idea! : Cyber Serpent

@sweezy maybe you can make like a cybrrr serpent bromon, it could be a epic or legednary maybe it can have a similar shape of snuck and sushi serpent. Pls Sweezy see this, TY if u can add it!! :slight_smile:

I like it!
@sweezy good idea over here!

Yeah please @sweezy

a little idea of what is looks like maybe make it more cubey and a little firewallfenir blocky shape for the effects, and cybrrr yeah

Pls @sweezy new picture idea for bromon! make it more bro mon like thats all :


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@sweezy do u think you can add this to the game? pls!

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Back card for my bromon idea! In the digital realm, the Cyber Serpent slithers—a sinuous entity of neon and chrome. With eyes aglow like LED lights, it navigates the code-laden corridors with effortless grace, unveiling secrets and testing systems with every flicker of its tail.
Watch out for the Cyber Serpent, too sleek for the net to snag!

I think the cyber serpent looks very cool. Sweezy should add this.

thx everyone!

Vote this if u want it to be added!!!

it is so good LM is actually my friend irl!! @sweezy pls add it to the game!!!