New bromon idea searead

Name: Searead

Its a seaweed thats reading, simple as that.

Crush: Rare or Epic.

Type: Foodie!

description: Its the smartest in the whole lake!! It likes to play around with SushiSerpent!!
They are moral enemies


can you draw a pic

Not good but I’ll MAYBE try

Ill do it when i buy a new tip for my pen

UHH I finished

I know just in case u need digital art? If u want of course

Yeah sure, but ya don need a pen for digital art right? Or do ya mean apple pen

Yea i have


Lake? I thought is was seaweed…

But lake has seaweed too

Can u help me make this true?

I love it!

yo @Imnotrex112 ama make a better art so it would have higher chance to be ingame

Alright thanks

And you can vote

Ye I made one but I forgot to save it

Made what

a pic

you can draw on this