New Category Idea [Done!]

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Hello @sweezy ! I was browsing at Sweezy Community and I founded a lot of questions about bro-mons, badges, sweezy cursors and more… How about a new category named Questions?

The Idea

It would be useful for people to show their questions, doubts and things like that. Most of the questions I see are located in the The Wild Zone , which I think is not the most appropriate place for a question that could be very useful to others. I believe it would create a greater organization of topics and less clutter in the The Wild Zone wild. People were able to share their questions and you @sweezy could find the questions much more easily and answer them.


Speaking of organization, General is a mess, people keep sending the same messages endlessly (the famous spam), in addition to doing things that are inappropriate for some people. There’s no point in putting up flags or warning them. Many things are discussed there. @sweezy any ideas on how to fix this?



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Yes someone is spamming squidward

yupp @a_kid is spammi’

Hey @SophiaBeifong

Thanks for the awesome idea! I agree that having a dedicated place for questions would be super helpful. I’ve gone ahead and created new subcategories for Questions in the main categories. Here are the links:

General Questions
Sweezy Cursors Questions
Bro-Mon Questions
Questions about Using the Sweezy Community

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Omg thanks!!!

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