New epic (or legendary too) Cybrrr🤖 bro-mon idea!

Name: Symbobra
type: Cybrrr🤖
rarity: Epic or legendary
Sentence: “History is Symbolized!”

I’m too lazy to make a description but you can drop your description ideas here in the replies!

the best one will get a like and a reply and will be choosen as the desc of the bro-monster!

Naughtyone from the edit here, i’m basically naughtyone but i send messages of something that i added in the edited version of this post, anyways i just came here to say that i forgot to mention the fact that the symbols shine blue when he is on battle, nothing else <3

I loved the idea! Simply incredible! The representation drawing was beautiful! In fact, I hope @sweezy adds this masterpiece made by @naughtyone !!!

Genius! I believe @sweezy can give a very good description for this bro-mon

Not only sweezy can, but you can give a description idea for it too!

if you send one and i give it a like and a reply, it means your description has been choosen!

but if you don’t want to make one it’s okay too :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention something!

Here is the effect when he spawns:
Symbobra spawning effect

Right, i’ll try later :wink:

Its a good idea, I personally just don’t think it’s cybrrr.

I read the desc of this type and i think it most likely fits

Great drawing and I hope this could be added but aren’t there 3 snake bro-mons?

It was the only thing that came to me mind

nice idea