NEW Frog idea based on my frog that passed away

here is a idea

@sweezy it would mean the world if you could make this for me.

my frog was a tree frog

it liked to hide

and her name was ribbon

if you see this make it good please

catchphrase: hey look here

if I don’t respond I’m at school

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I am so on board with this cool idea!!!
Definitely a worthy tribute for your frog that passed away!

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Hmmm we have enchfrog though…

@koushamebobethmeboy I can talk for a longer time

nice, also very sad R.I.P

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Sorry about your frog :frowning:


(post deleted by author)


womp womp you for saying womp womp cause that means you’re a womp womp and I’m a skibidi sigma


ok yeah I agree but but with the " skibidi sigma " and the Roblox profile I think your a ipad kid or whatever its called (pls don’t take seriously)

true just for saying that

nahh I’m not a ipad kid bro, don’t disrespect the mewing sigma like that (I’m not taking it seriously I’m joking)

uhhhh sure buddy

ok nice

thats just mean dude. would you say that if your dog died

Forbidden that is rude at least give respect to the frog it’s sad when you lose a pet I’ve lost 2 a puppy who died on his birthday and a fish those I loved very much so don’t go saying “womp womp” to people who are mourning their pets.

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and he did!

are you really sorry?