(New idea!) - Colossus Bro-Mons -

- Important mail for @sweezy -


SWEEZY!! I have just come up with the most intelligent, genious, and foolproof idea that will surely get the community hyped! I hope you can respond to me back, here is more information on the topic…

I took inspiration from my bromaxxed bro mons idea and nerfed it a bit and some specific mythicals could have a colossus trait making them 20% bigger and also a lot more stronger, you could fight it with 3 people, once it is defeated it will return into a regular mythical and give you some other stuff too like coins or fragments and even a colossus trophy!

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Sorry, I can’t pin, because I want to give other people a fair go as well.

RAHHH!!! ok

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Just for tomorrow nothing more sorry

nahh it’s fine

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