New monster idea number 2

Name: Technoskipper
Type: Cybrr
Rarity: Epic
Catchphrase: Skipping to the next website and on! (altered compared to the pic)

Description: A technoskipper, is an innovative creation requested by @schnella123. The technoskipper is designed to navigate both land and water, utilizing a blend of advanced robotics and biomimicry.

Edit: also its a robotic mudskipper for specificness

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@sweezy @SophiaBeifong @Catstrophe
tell me what you think if u are online


Hey it’s nice

thats super creative


It’s nice!

me and my classmate are making 2 more bromon ideas

cool can’t wait

voting bc creative any you spent a lot of time on it


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HELLO IM YOUR FRIEND and you’re 3 meters away from me in school right now


I CAN’T Wait! YAY!