New Monster idea @sweezy

In the mystical realm of Bro-Mon, where pixelated sprites roam and algorithms duel, there exists a peculiar creature—the Windows Rubbish Bro-Mon. Its origins are shrouded in mystery, whispered among old CRT monitors and dusty floppy disks. But one thing is certain: encountering this glitchy enigma is like stumbling upon a forgotten folder deep within your C:\ drive.

  1. Error Code Evasion: The Windows Rubbish Bro-Mon thrives on error codes. It collects them like rare Pokémon cards. When it appears, its dialogue box blinks into existence, displaying cryptic messages:
  • “Fatal Exception Error: Bro-Mon.exe has encountered an unexpected error. Please restart reality.”
  • “Blue Screen of Confusion: Your life has crashed. Press any key to continue.”
  • “404 Not Found: The purpose of existence eludes us. Perhaps it’s cached in the cosmic browser?”
  • “IRQ Conflict: Your destiny collides with another process. Choose ‘Retry’ or ‘Cancel’.”
  1. Pixelated Prowess: The Windows Rubbish Bro-Mon moves in jerky, 8-bit motions. Its limbs glitch between states, like a GIF caught in a time loop. When it attacks, it flings pixelated icons—recycle bins, paperclips, and the dreaded hourglass cursor. Opponents are left bewildered, wondering if they’ve accidentally stepped into a retro video game.
  2. Ctrl+Alt+Chaos: Its special move? The Ctrl+Alt+Chaos Combo. With lightning speed, it presses those keys simultaneously, causing reality to hiccup. Trees become floppy disks, clouds morph into pixel clouds, and gravity stumbles for a moment. Beware, for during this glitchy frenzy, even the Bro-Mon Trainer’s hair might turn into ASCII art.
  3. Easter Egg Hunt: The Windows Rubbish Bro-Mon hides Easter eggs throughout the game. Finding one grants you a cryptic fortune cookie message:
  • “Your future is buffering…”
  • “Error 42: Wisdom not found.”
  • “Press F to pay respects (and find the next egg).”
  1. Legacy Mode: Some say the Windows Rubbish Bro-Mon has a secret legacy mode. Activate it by typing “dir /w” during a full moon. Suddenly, the game screen turns monochrome, and the Bro-Mon’s dialogue box displays ancient DOS commands. Victory in this mode grants you a floppy disk—a relic of forgotten times.

In conclusion, Sweezy, consider adding the Windows Rubbish Bro-Mon. It’s not just a monster; it’s a nostalgia trip, a glitchy grin, and a Ctrl+Alt+Escape from the mundane. :window::video_game::globe_with_meridians:

It could be smth like this: