New update is offically here

around 5 new bro mons were added

omg there is 6 new bro mons

there ARE 6 new bro-mons

And half of the players cannot even play :man_facepalming:

it was 6 :slight_smile:
and i have 3 of them

i really hope i meet punchy, i heard he does a lot of damage!

The mods are working on it, hopefully you can play by the next update.
Please describe your problem to the mods. Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

I have described my issue several times with all possible details and still got no information about it getting solved

What is the operating system of the computer this issue happening on?
I just wanted to know. My friend and I both use MacOS and so far we haven’t encountered an error yet. It may be because of something the system’s default settings affecting the browser.

I’m on Windows, HP Pavillion, still… I have friends operating on MacOS that also experience this same issue. I really doubt is due to the operating system, I have all kind of friends on different computers and the same thing happens to them.

There may be something running in the background interfering with Bro-mon. Are your other extensions functioning properly?

Yes, my other extensions work properly.
I don’t know what could it be, since I could play Bro-Mon and one day it just suddenly stopped working. I didn’t install anything new at all, it just started to not work.
My friend experienced the same thing AT THE SAME TIME as me on his laptop and other computers, so it all happened at the same time as him. It’s so strange, I don’t get it.

If you don’t have a ton of good Bro-mons, try to uninstall and install the extension again.