- Official Community terms -

The official page for community terms (if somebody is interested)
This will get uptaded once in a while

Fenrir: short for FirewallFenrir

Tab Farming: A technique where you open up a lot of tabs to find bro-mons

Bro-Mon: Short for Bro-Monster or the actual Bro-Mon

Pro-V-Bas: Short for Prototype-V-Bastion, the original name for Pro-V-Bas.

Flux: short for FluxTombo84, a Bro-mon master’s username.

Wheel: The roulette wheel that sometimes pops up when you’re going to fight a bro-mon, it gives the bro-mon a random buff depending on where it lands.

Rarity: The Crush of a Bro-monster

Golem: Emoji Golem, Candy Golem or Pro-V-Bas, depends on the post/topic you are in.

@sweezy: The Creator of Bro-Mon and of sweezy community.

@kaiser: Half-Moderator and creator of the Bro-Mon begginer guide (1.32), he no longer works on it.

@BigB: Mysterious ahh moderator who never said anything and got mod status first day.

Spamming: When somebody post topics or replies every second to annoy people

@SophiaBeifong: a well known and recongnized leader, known for making various animated bro-mon concepts.

@cloud: another well known leader for his contrubutions.

@Catstrophe: goofy ahh leader


golem > emoji golem

@ sweezy> a modeerator and owner of this community

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