People who are new: introduce your self here!

My name is Jay and I am in grade 5, nice to meet you all!

I’m Demon! I’m not gonna give my age or grade! Nice to meet you!

I’m 13

I’m 12

dang I’m older???


heh okay I changed my mind BC of one reason…14 years old at ur service hehe

dont you have to do Viral Math Equations That Stumped the Internet

The correct answer is 9. 6÷2 (1+2)-> 6÷2 (3). The next step is not parentheses, you have to rewrite this equation as such: 6÷2×3. When shown like this, it is clear that you read the equation left to right and the correct answer is 9.


I think, the result is 1.

Everything is as @kaiser wrote, but in the end it’s need to first multiply and then divide.

This is a standard sequence in mathematics where multiplication occurs before division unless specified otherwise by parentheses. :nerd_face:

Sweezy is correct actually

Well him AND Kasier

The answer is 9

…Uhhhh no…

:face_with_diagonal_mouth: why are we learning math right now

it either 9 or 1 its debated

use the calculator, it says 9

What Kasier said

…I just realized I said Sweezy was right when it’s not… :woman_facepalming:t2: