Pineapple Clock Bro-Mon

Pineapple Clock Bro-Mon


The Pineapple Clock Bro-Mon is a captivating fusion of tropical vibes and timekeeping magic. Imagine a golden pineapple with a twist: its spiky crown is adorned with tiny clock hands that tick away in sync with the universe. The body of the Bro-Mon resembles a vintage pocket watch, complete with intricate engravings and a sun-kissed patina. The numerals on its clock face are replaced by juicy pineapple segments, each representing an hour.


The Pineapple Clock Bro-Mon belongs to the rarity Epic-Mythic. It’s so rare that encountering one feels like stumbling upon a hidden treasure chest during a moonlit stroll on the beach. Collectors whisper about its existence, and legends abound regarding its time-bending abilities.


  1. Tropical Chronomancy: When summoned into battle, the Pineapple Clock Bro-Mon can manipulate time itself. It can accelerate or slow down opponents, leaving them bewildered and out of sync.
  2. Pineapple Paradox: Its special move involves spinning its clock hands backward. This creates a temporal loop, confusing adversaries and causing them to question their very existence. Some say that opponents caught in this paradox end up pondering the meaning of life while craving piña coladas.

It looks something like this: