Pls help me to get stuff i want

There is a site simiral to Sweezy Community, it’s called Wallpapers Clan Gang, here is the link to the site:

i have a rainbow friends account in it, and most of the ideas i made there are ignored, so lets help this to get alive and we get what we want!

My account:

also i’m not gonna tell what this Wallpapers Clan thing is but im gonna tell in the replies, bye! :smiley:

Wallpapers Clan is a site where you can customize your phone/computer/social medias!

Phone: You can get app icons and wallpapers! (Also is the site where Sweezy announced Smiling Critters app icons)

Computer (also laptop or desktop): The only thing for these options are folder icons, but hey! You can also put some wallpapers there!

Social medias: This one is just the pfp but they are cool :slight_smile:

This is Wallpapers Clan! Oh and here is the link to the site: (not the gang)