Hi Guys please wish me luck to get all mythics I lost to 10 mythics already I had legendarys and rares I lost to cat nap 2 time
s bro Mon 4 castrophy 2 and Doug 2 pls wish me luck

Screenshot 2024-05-09 5.06.18 PM


NVM wrong guy sorry @bro_mon_fan

its fine

what’s up

my school friend needs the mythincs too and he was using enchfrog

nth much u?

ohh ok

just chillin


wanna know how good is my luck?

how good?

mine is the worst

Screenshot 2024-05-09 5.25.40 PM
cachecreepe got me galatipanda

nice I have 18 wins on my galactic panda how about you and what did you lose to I lost to castrophy

Screenshot 2024-05-09 5.26.39 PM

Idk I think it was ench frog or orbchrome

ohh okay

brooooo my friend is new and he just started so we were trying to get bromon and we found catnap on the second bromon

he lost tho