Post anything here i want to hit 500 replys

plz comment what ever u want but be nice


hi i am a fan

I love bro mon
can u help me hit my goal

I am also watching anime
my hero academia

Thanks @cloud for commenting

Yw :heart:

Can u pin this

And how do u become a leader

Just help around a lot, and @sweezy will see!


Sorry, I want to give other people’s post a fair chance too. If you make something official like my Official Bro-mon Blog, you can ask someone to pin it!

ok and i love helping the sweezy commaty


do u like anime


No, I don’t watch anime :sweat_smile:

ok but if u ever do i sujest naruto one piece jujus kaisen and my hero acadamie

I wonder where @sweezy is

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