Post How many bro Mon you have here!

Show off how many bro-mons you have to other right here

here these are all mine

i have 35

I have 4

i have 13

I know have 6

14…I new tho

bro I have 47 am the goat

49 here


you are the goat

Yes I am also the goat cuz I got 49 lets gooooooo

i have 10, my fav is tea trunk

I only have 18 and it’s been a whole 15 hours without getting a bro-mon spawned… Is that normal? I’m visiting a lot of web pages…

bro i only got 1 last day…

It’s because of the low spawn rate but @sweezy will fix that

Well… It’s gonna be a whooping whole day without even getting 1!
That’s awful, how can it be that after searching on hundreds of webs, I get none for 1 whole day…
I really hope that update comes soon…

I thikn it will get added in the next monday to tuesday, i swear he leaked the uptade for next week.