Punchy Bro-Monster [DONE]

Punchy. Punchy is the fist on the attack button. although his color may be noticeable u never know when or where he is in fact he could be on the screen right now!

Punchy loves to punch things. He has a HUGE punch that does a lot of damage but he doesnt have much health.

He is a fist with googly eyes and he has the ability to lift things up with his pinky. Even the heaviest of things Punchy can lift. In fact he should probably be a mover!

Idea by @Logan_sily

Yo! Good!

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I’ll say this again: WE COMPLETING THE MON DEX WITH THIS ONE :fire: :fire: :fire::speaking_head::speaking_head::speaking_head:

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when is he coming

Can you please post an image?

I have the punchy bro-mon!
Screenshot 2024-06-10 10.37.18 PM

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