Request Your Bro-Mon Master Badge Here! 🥇

Hey Bro-Mon players! Want to show off your dedication and achievements in our community?

You can now request the Bro-Mon Master badge right here in this post!
Here’s how:

  1. Proof of Completion:

If you’ve completed the game, simply share a screenshot or any other proof of your accomplishment.

  1. Active Community Participation:

If you haven’t completed the game but have been super active in our Bro-Mon category, you can still earn the badge! Here’s what we’re looking for:

Cool Monster Ideas: Have you suggested awesome new monster ideas?

Helping Others: Have you been helpful to other players?

Fan Art: Have you shared your amazing monster art or fan art?

Interesting Posts: Have you written interesting posts about Bro-Mon?

And More: Any other contributions that show your active participation and support for the community.

Just reply to this post with your proof or a brief description of your contributions, and if you’ve truly been an active and valuable member of our community, you’ll earn the Bro-Mon Master badge!

We appreciate all your efforts and look forward to seeing your amazing contributions. Happy monster hunting! bro-mon-home-monster

P.S. Check out this guide on how to set a badge as your status.

Wow! Cool!
My friend @Forbidden will be so happy!
He has all the Bro-mon but hasn’t recieved the badge yet, so could you please give it to him? Thanks!!

Yes, I already gave him the badge. He should say thank you! :smile:

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He’ll be offline right now, but he definitely will! Thanks!


Also, thank you so much for promoting me to Leader, I appreciate it so much! It means the world to me :smiley:

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@sweezy can you give me mod status pretty please?

hi! i completed all bro mon and have shared some of my galacti panda fanart too!

We haven’t given out moderator status to anyone just yet; we’ve only been raising trust levels. By the way, I’ve already granted you Trust Level 3! I’m confident that with your significant contributions to the community, you’ll reach Trust Level 4 in no time.

Keep up the great work! :star2:

Thank you for your contributions! Glad to have you as a Leader – you deserve it! :smiley:

I’ve already given you the Bro-Mon Master badge. Congrats! :tada:

sweezy can i be Bro-Mon Master

thank you!

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hey @sweezy can i be a bro mon master please

If you could give him a picture of proof to verify it that would be awesome. Also, @sweezy i love this idea and I think it will work out well!

can I have bromon master I have them all

hmmmm, that’s sus, show me the FULL pic

ya that kinda sus

do you have the mini text on the right corner beneath your enchfrog that says “Wow, you got them all! :star2: