Roblox doodle world cursors collection

Recently i went to sweezy cursors and added the Roblox cursors collection, but i went chocked when i found out there was 2 doodle world cursors

I really love this game, so here i am, asking to add a Doodle world cursors collection

It would be very nice if you could make it come true, here are some doodles that you can make as cursors:
Doodle World Chronos
Doodle World Archopos
Doodle World Malotrick
Thank you for staying until here, hope we get cursors from these doodles and more!

there is 3 now

Thanks for warning me! ^ ^

Just here to say i would like to see the Bungo doodle next! Here is the doodle photo:
Thanks for your attention!

This is so cute! This game looks very cool

It is! You should try it one day, it’s on Roblox btw (this Bungo doodle is a legendary and can split into 3 phases each time he dies)

sure, one day i’ll try it

they added Gorpo and Groato

doodle world!!!

i want pupskey cursor

they also added the Rosebug cusor

ok you don’t have to keep telling me when they added cursors i can check by myself

not papyrus its pupskey