Send your game-inspired Bro-mons ideas here!

Got a fanmade Bro-mon that is inspired by a game? submit it here! But only by appearence description, if you send a picture of your fanmade Bro-mon, the fun will be gone, once you describe your fanmade Bro-mon appearence, i will try to recreate it!

Now let’s have fun!

Ice cream rabbit?

Name : Philosloth
Type : Wildify :herb:
Rarity : :game_die: Rare
Phrase : “I think, therefore I sleep
Description : On the highest branch of the Tree of Knowledge, there will be Philosloth philosophizing in its beautiful dreams.
Apparance : Like a greek philosopher but in sloth version, with a tunic reading a book or with the hands on the chin, for me don’t matter how many toes it will have… Can be gray or brown, but i also accept with magical colors like red or orange :wink:

I like it :slight_smile: