Show Off Your Custom Cursor Designs Here! 🎨👀

Alright, custom cursor creators, it’s time to flex those design muscles and show us what you’ve got!

Did you make a cursor that looks like your boss’s face? Or maybe one that turns into a tiny sloth when you’re procrastinating? We want to see it all! So, strut your cursor stuff and share your most hilarious, creative, or just plain weird custom cursor designs with the Sweezy Community.

After all, who needs a boring old regular cursor when you can have a cursor that looks like a dancing taco?

Shoes such as converse and air jordans and vans and nike colection

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bro i agree 100 %

or some more rec room cursors pls i beg you

I’ve made one.

this pls

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i got loads of custom cursors check them out at: Kaiser's Cursors (Read)

some sneak peaks:

Yamper and Boltund cursors from pokémon plss

Can you make this a cursor please?