Skibidi toilet pls make for skibidi toilet cursors!

hello pls make more skibiidi toilet all the cursors are boring and there are barely any skibidi toilet cursors pls make more please sweezy


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bro they already exist

What he means is that he wants more than just 2 Skibidi Toilet cursors.

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ok kid

Oh my gosh shut up @mr_chikin

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That doesn’t work on me haha


oh he said a no noword

bro kayden stop acting like you dont want skibidi toilet cursors you always watch skibidi toilet and pretend you’re titan cameraman and i act like in titan speakerman but you’re just trying not to embarass yourself which is cringe like you stop hiding that you like skibidi toilet bro

who kayden

kayden is egg guy

i think



really??? yes it is mr chikin then what is your actual name is then huh???

thats what i thought little weirdo loser poop head man

mr_chikin has left the chat because : died of cringe from skibidi toilit

shut up loser you’re weird also im invincible to uno reverses and no u’s so you cant use that little kid i bet youre 4