Smiling critters cursors

S-M-I-L-E everyday! :grin:

poppy playtime 3 has released recently and came with the smiling critters gang,but how about we have smiling critters cursors!

and of course,i have some ideas!

catnap cursor(you choose if animated or not):the cursor would be catnap spitting out the gas,while the hand version could be catnap normal version.

catnap cursor (second idea):the cursor version could be the moon collar,while the hand version would still be catnap.

dogday cursor(i dont really care if it will be animated or not):the cursor version could be his sun collar,while the hand version would be dogday’s face.

maybe soon ill update it and add more ideas like craftycorn,bubba bubbaphant,etc,but these are my ideas,hope you like it and remember,S-M-I-L-E everyday! :smiley:


nightmare huggy wuggy cursor:the cursor version would be it’s face on the tv,while the hand version would be his face with glowing eyes.

Hey naughtyone,

Big thanks for these fantastic cursor ideas, especially with such detailed plans! We really appreciate the creativity and thought you’ve put into this. Your suggestions are definitely on our radar now. Keep those ideas coming, and remember to S-M-I-L-E every day! :smile: