Smiling critters monsters

it seems the craziest thing ever but i thing it would be very cool if there were smiling critters monsters in Bro-Mon,i cant wait to see catnap specificaly!


i like that


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super gooodddddd plsssss do it

Hi, nice idea!

I’ve given it some thorough thought, and we’ve decided to do it.

What level of Crush do you think these creatures could possess? Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary…

i like catnap legendary or mythic?

dogday is epic.

bearhug is rare
bubbaphant is uncommon or rare
craftycorn is epic.
hoppy is rare or epic
kickinchicken is epic or legendary
pickypiggy is epic or rare

Oh, awesome! Thanks for spelling it out for me. Really like this plan!

Thanks you

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and catnap monster is mythical

I hate being single

okay and



oh my god! just by seeing it’s silhouette,i can feel its gonna be amazing! keep going on and it will be the best!
keep it up



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sick bro

btw are you gonna reply once the monster is ready?