Someone explain Norse mythology in under 3 words

A few weeks ago @Catstrophe said he wouldn’t speak another language unless you explained Norse Mythology in under 3 (or was it 5?) words. Let’s work together and make him speak a different language! :rofl:

ok i agree with this but i wont help you

and its three or under i think

Do you know what it is?

bruh im from iceland course i do

It didn’t come up on google… :sob:

basically old norse beleifs

Isn’t that like Thor and stuff

and i looked it up you can find info on google i wont help anymore

What abt chatgpt…

sure idk it might get a wrong sourec you could try

I’m trying

Is it: Gods, Giants, Ragnarok

Pls pls pls

Or Gods, Giants, Fate


Wait I thought only 3 consecutive replies allowed?!

Bro wat 7 replies in a row

im bacc and those two are pretty acurate, know that i will only speak on cerain times, not every time

You mean I’m correct?!