Sonic Event for Bro-Mon! @sweezy


So basically, we all know Sonic is the best and with mine and your opinions we know there should be a sonic event in Bro-Mon! Because if we have already had a Collab with Poppy Playtime, we should have a Collab with Sonic because, SONIC IS BETTER THAN POPPY PLAYTIME (controversial statement).


Sonic and all of his friends are visiting the Bro-Mon town and they’re celebritys, and Tails, Knuckles, Eggman, Big, Amy, Shadow and Rouge!

There could be an exclusive egg for three Bro-Mon and you can buy it with gold coins (obtainable by defeating bro-mon), and the Bro-Mon that will be in it are: Amy (70% chance to catch and is Rare), Rouge (25% chance to catch and is Epic), and finally Big (5% chance to hatch and is Legendary). You could also do quests to obtain gold coins, like defeating a certain amount of Bro-Mon, capturing a specific Bro-Mon or capturing a specific Rarity of Bro-Mon exc.

There will also be Bro-Mon that you can just catch that randomly spawn in: Knuckles (Legendary), Eggman (Legendary), Tails (Epic), Sonic (Mythic) and finally Shadow (also Mythic). So all of them spawn in from a Gold Ring and if you click the ring before the Bro-Mon has came out of it, you battle a random Bro-Mon, so it is basically you choose a random Sonic Watermarked box and you get a random Bro-Mon (from the Sonic event). And also when the Sonic event Bro-Mon is leaving through the Ring, you can see a bit of the next website where it is travelling and if you go to that website fast enough, then you can have another chance of getting the Bro-Mon, (only for Sonic, (the ring thing)). But you can only do it for when you go to the next website and then the Sonic disappears.

Also, the animations for the Bro-Mon could be very cool. So like for Sonic: he could be like the golden infinity when he is moving across the screen and on the battle screen, Sonic could dash into your or the enemy character. For Tails: His tail could be spinning when he is moving across the screen and when he is battling a could be throwing his tools: a hammer, a nail exc. For Knuckles: he could also be dashing across the screen kind of like Sonic, and for the battle he could just be punching. For Eggman: he could have his hover glider thingy and the propellors are moving, and in the battle he is throwing his drones. For Shadow: he could be using his rollerskates/ rollerblades to go across the screen and in the battle he is throwing chaos emeralds at the enemy. For Big: He is going to be using his fishing rod to pull himself to parts of the screen, and for the battle he will be throwing his hook on his fishing rod at the enemy or your character. For Amy: she could be just running and for the battle she could be smacking her hammer on the enemy or your character. For Rouge: she could be flying with her wings across the screen and for the battle she tells a bat to attack the enemy or your character.


It could happen three times a year and it happens for a month, and you can only obtain them while the event is active. One of the times it is happening is the closest update @sweezy can do. And the others, @sweezy can choose.

Btw, if you add this event, can @sweezy please add the Bro-Mon from this event to my account.

Thank you for your time,

OllyIsBest (the Sonic guy)

wow so much to read :face_exhaling:

How do i add the event?

it is not out yet I think?

I Mean it not

but i mean @OllyIsBest did announce the sonic + bro-mon thing today soooo

I don’t man just guessing :sweat_smile:

that’s fine buddy

must take a lot of time to make that whole thing

also, @chillyiscool, can you check out my creative corner titled “Recreation Inanimate object Showdown!”?


Poppy playtime is better than sonic.

nuh uh

I was writing like 2 hours

thank you

for what?

Hey @OllyIsBest when is the sonic event for beo Mon?



It’s just my opinion but its ok that you like poopy playtime more than sonic