Stop saying cuss words



thank you buddy

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i hope


im sowy

frick you for saying bad word

im going insane

L im alwaws gonna saw bad words P.S: i will say it sometimes

Yes sir kids got a point

“sweezy hq what’s the problem” GUYS STOP CUSSING (hangs up)

Thanks this was really emotional, I always was cussing, but after seeing this I changed, I don’t get coal from Santa no more, and I stop going to the principles office. nothing can change how much I need to thank you for this. you made by life so much better. I am not grounded no more, my grandparents finally give me money on my birthday, and I got a ps5 because I stopped cussing. my parents are now happy and less depressed. I feel so happy and alive, if you didn’t make this i would still be living in the terrible life I was in. Thank You.

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welcome ipad kid

my honest reaction;

and it’s not a Rick roll YouTube short I promise

I can confirm its not a rickroll vid.

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my honest reaction !@#!@#!@ !@#@@!@# and !@#!#!2 and 1#@!#!12#!@#!@

HUNTAH! don’t even pretend


:nail_care:t2: :ok_hand:t2: but i agree but theres no way i watching that video