Swearing question!

do swear words get blurred?
i want to know but i dont want to test it out because i dont want to get sweezy mad at me.

Its dosent Colizy said bad words and we could read them but he got bannend

Oh Colizy this guy
Those who produce these attitudes are reported by leaders and are most often expelled temporarily (Like @TheBest, who kept reposting @cloud ideas as if they were his ownor) or permanently. (Like @Colizy who was permanently expelled for verbally attacking leaders and other people).

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No, inappropriate words and content are not automatically blurred, the most we can do is put the “flags” and classify them as inappropriate content, so the comment will be covered so people cannot see:

This post was temporarily hidden by the community (something like that)

ahhh i seee

we shall speak of @colizy as He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named ( im a Harry potter fan)


haha I love that nickname


haha love it
i’m also a harry potter fan

we don’t talk about coilzy

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I love harry potter

Haha I like that XD

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We don’t talk about He-who-shall-not-be-named

what has this become?

It started off with this guy called @colizy
He was really toxic and he was swearing
So he got banned.

Let me fix this

It started off with this guy called He-who-shall-not-be-named
He was really toxic and he was swearing
So he got banned.

yeah, better


ohhh i seee

we should make a topic that’s called Graveyard Of Losers and put all the annoying people we helped ban :joy:

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and like @SophiaBeifong said, no it is not blurred unless blurred by the user (don’t get mad im doing an example): damn
Vs damn

@cloud you can’t really say much. You swore at me in discord AND you’re a leader