@sweezy can I be bromon master plssss


good but when did you start? I think?

what rarity is GalactiPanda

Sure. I’ve already awarded you the Bro-Mon Master badge.

Can i have it pls?

Yep, I’ve already awarded you too

can I also have it pls?

Yep, already done!

yo tysm!

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do we have to have all bro mons to be bro Mon master?

because I have all commons uncommons rares epic but only 1 legendary and no mythics

i just wanna know if im able to be bro mon master

No, just be active here on the Bro-Mon forum and write me a request for this badge.

By the way, I gave it to you earlier. Coz I saw your activity.
Now you can set it as your status.

thanks @sweezy for making me Bro-Mon master because that was my dream when I joined Sweezy commuity

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can I have one sweezy becuse I have every bro-mon

w in the chat

PLS can I have one

and w.

lets gooo