Sweezy Cursors New Feature Suggestions: What Would You Like to See Next?

Alright, fellow cursor enthusiasts, it’s time to put on your thinking caps and come up with some innovative new features for Sweezy Cursors.

The possibilities are endless - as long as they involve cursors, of course! So, let’s hear it, what would you like to see in the next Sweezy Cursors update? Let’s make cursors great again!

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howa about a naruto cursor

We’ve just added the ultimate cursor for all you Naruto fans out there:

Note: Beware of any sudden urges to perform jutsus while browsing. We take no responsibility for accidental ninja battles that may occur. Stay safe, and happy cursor-ing! :cat:‍:bust_in_silhouette::sparkles:

mine eren transformation animation and jujutsu kaisen there in cursor ldeas.

look at u atleast im not lesbeain and a bot

this is a random one, but the ability to adjust exactly where the cursor is clicking relative to the graphic/animation would be nice. I’ve used a couple of cursors where the actual position of the cursor is floating slightly above the graphic, which can get awkward. It would be nice to be able to adjust the exact position manually. That would be useful in the cursor constructor, as well.

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You’re totally on point! We’ve actually had that idea on our radar, and we’re definitely planning to implement it in the future. Being able to adjust the exact click hot spot position is a game-changer for own cursors, and we’re excited to bring that to our users.

Thank you so much for your feedback and ideas. They’re super important to us and help shape the future of Sweezy. Keep 'em coming, and thanks for being a part of our community! :star2:

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new feature suggestion- I just realized a second ago that you can’t use the animated cursors as pointers-- that would be a fun feature. Also it would be nice if you could adjust the speed of the animation to suit your preferences (like if the cursor is too fast and gives you anxiety, or too slow and hypnotizes you into a deep sleep /j).

(Off topic but I just noticed one of my cursor suggestions got made! Many thanks <3)

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Hey there!

First off, huge thanks for your awesome feature suggestions! :smile: The idea of adjusting the speed of the cursor animations is super cool. Totally get how a too speedy cursor can be anxiety-inducing, while a snail-paced one might just send someone off to dreamland (/j). Definitely a neat feature to consider!

Now, about the animated pointers – we were actually really keen on making that happen initially. But here’s the catch: Google Chrome itself doesn’t support animated cursors, so we had to pull off a bit of a tech trick to make it work. Sadly, doing the same for pointers is a bit of a technical no-go. Just one of those tricky things, you know?

P.S. Glad you find your requested cursor pack. Really hope you’re loving it.

Thanks again for your cool ideas and for staying engaged. Keep those suggestions coming!

Hello I have a good idea I think that you should add a Super sayan cursor.

thank you

can we make our own cursor from our drive

swezzys please make our god cursor

its been so long