@sweezy please help me: About Sweezy Cursors

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Hey @sweezy ! I’m here this time to ask you something. It is related to Sweezy Cursors .


Yes, it’s about the cursor constructor.
It doesn’t matter which website I use and the size of the image I use. The cursor never works. When I go to press a button with the created cursor, it always clicks extremely early, I don’t know how to explain it properly: But every time I try to do it, it always goes wrong, watching the tutorial and doing everything.
I would really appreciate it if you could make a tutorial a little more advanced and more complete (I know the tutorial you have is already very good but I still ask).

I hope @sweezy help me with my question

Hi Sophia,

Let’s try to figure out what’s going wrong. I’d appreciate it if you could send me a screenshot or a video link where I can see the issue with the Cursor Constructor.

From what I understand, you’re trying to upload images from your PC as a cursor. Do you see any error messages during the upload process? When you click the “Add” button, do you see your created cursor in the extension’s “My Collection” section?

Here are a few recommendations from me:

  1. Images should be no larger than 128 pixels in width and height.
  2. Images should be in popular formats like PNG or JPEG.
  3. There is a limit imposed by the Chrome browser, so if you have already uploaded many custom cursors via Constructor, new ones may not be added due to storage limitations. In that case, simply delete unnecessary ones to add new ones.
  4. Try to upload lightweight images. Images around 1 MB can quickly exhaust the storage limit.
  5. Make sure the image is not 5 MB or larger, as this can also cause it not to work.

I hope these tips help you out. Looking forward to your response!


Thanks! This helped me a lot!