@sweezy should add a countdown for new updates on the extension!

I am reaching out to share an idea that could elevate the user experience for your dedicated community. Your extension has become an integral part of our daily digital routine, and the anticipation for new updates is always palpable. To enhance this excitement, I propose the introduction of a special UI feature: a countdown timer for upcoming updates.

Imagine the engagement and buzz a countdown could create, building up to the release day. It would not only keep users informed but also generate a sense of event around each update, making it a momentous occasion. Additionally, establishing a regular update day would provide a consistent schedule that users can look forward to, further solidifying the bond between Bro-Mon and its user base.

Implementing these features would not only demonstrate your commitment to transparency but also add a layer of interactivity that I believe would be warmly welcomed. Thank you for considering this suggestion, and for your continuous efforts to improve our experience.

i need to know when the update is

that sound like a good idea

By the way, this is a cool idea. I’ll discuss it with our developer.

Do you see this as part of an expansion? Or is it better to do this on our website, or even in the community?

waaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttt. ur not the developer

no he’s in charge though