@sweezy should enhance the chances of getting bro-mon, and increase the limit per day

Hey @sweezy, listen up! It’s time to ramp up the excitement and thrill of catching those elusive Bromons! By enhancing the chances of encountering these awesome creatures, you’re not just adding a sprinkle of excitement but also amplifying the joy of every player who embarks on this adventure. Picture it: more opportunities to engage, more opportunities to strategise, and more opportunities to bond with the Bro-mon community. Increasing the limit per day? That’s like opening up a treasure trove of possibilities! It means more gameplay, more interaction, and ultimately, more fun. Plus, it fosters a sense of dedication and commitment among players, driving them to come back for more each day. By enhancing these elements, you’re not just improving the game mechanics; you’re enhancing the overall experience, creating a vibrant and dynamic environment that keeps players hooked and eager for more. So, let’s take Bro-mon-catching to the next level and make every encounter an unforgettable adventure!
I clicked on this, and I got absolutely destroyed so can you also just give a slight buff for lower rarity bro-mons to give the newer players a chance?

Hey, thanks for reaching out! About the spawn rate, yeah, we’ve heard folks asking for this a bunch. and we plan to increase the appearance rate of bro-mons for our players.

As for the difficulty of winning with a Rare rarity bro-mon against a Mythical one, it’s naturally challenging due to the rarity gap. The game is designed so that you progressively collect stronger bro-mons, allowing you to take on rarer opponents.

However, we’re keeping this in mind for future updates. I think that enhancing battle mechanics and adding new features will make battles more interesting and strategic, giving players a better chance to succeed.

btw @sweezy is ur update days whenever or just on saturdays



While there are no stable, specific dates for updates, they happen on random days, when we make new monsters, or when we develop new functionality.

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@sweezy i beg you please see my new bro mon!!!

Ok, I’ll definitely look at everything and even your new bro-monster concept. There is just a lot of ongoing work on preparing new monsters, as well as supporting our other projects, like Sweezy cursors, Progress bar, etc.
Therefore, I cannot always give an answer with lightning speed. :zap: But I will definitely see everything. :eyes:

okay, just a reminder :speaking_head::speaking_head::speaking_head::fire::fire::fire:

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