@Sweezy When is My Monsters coming?

If anyone has any answers pls let me know thx.

Your monsters?

no on the bro-mon world when you first download the extension it says Follow us on

coming soon!

My Monsters Collection

Get ready for ‘My Monsters’—your personal showcase of captured Bro-Mons! Track progress and show off your collection. Launching soon on our site. Stay tuned!

Oh, I’m not sure :slight_smile:
I hope it come out soon though! I can’t wait.

The “My Monsters” page is now live in its initial version! You can start exploring and managing your collection. Stay tuned for new features and a more detailed monster catalog coming soon!

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it just has a loading sign for ages when i go into my monsters

Are you accessing the page from your school laptop? on the school network?


@sweezy I love this bro-mon collection!

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Lets gooo!!