The newest update

Firstly stego snack is epic now secondly the bro-mon caught first are last and last are first what do you all have to say about that

We have 4 or 4 new bro-mons and a new type
Now GalactiPanda and NatureNaut are Cosmix

wait I think I missed the new bro-mons what are they

  • CometiX
  • Taco-Turtle
  • DimenSpherr
  • StoxSpydr
  • Fire Donut Ace

Ace s in one piece ace as a donut you mean the donut with a hat


that’s sick

cant believe stox is only legendary though

donut ace is literally epic how and I found it but just couldn’t get it and now I have firewall Fenrir and I regret my whole life

how does cosmetic look


The cosmetix

can you show me what it looks like

CometiX or the new type Cosmix?

I have cosmic

Screenshot 2024-05-27 6.16.24 PM

Ye me too

That was me

yep your name is on the wiki because it is on Fire Donut Ace backward card