Thigh Blobby New Bro Mon Idea

Hey @Sweezy why don’t we make a Blobfish Bro Mon, It could be so funny

Name: Thigh Blobby
Description: ”Dont skip leg day”
Long Description behind the card: Ever since young this simple blobby always wanted to explore the world outside the bottom of the ocean, but couldn’t fight against the pressure of the ocean with its weak fins, so Blobby started to have a training montage growing out is back fins to some powerful power walking, glorious, shiny and enormous legs, after all of blobbys work he walked his way out of the bottom of the ocean making the ground shake after each step, now he power walks around your device telling you to never skip leg day.
Type: fan fave
Rarity: Legendary
I hope that you read this @sweezy you can always edit anything you from it and I was also hoping that if you make Thigh Blobby into a bro mon you could make him say Dont skip leg day or not your choice and could you also help me with the name cus I’m not so sure it’s a good name, well anyways I hope you can read this and give it a chance @sweezy