Updated version of Ugrey Yoda

Name:Ugrey Yoda
DESCRIPTION:Ugrey is a mysterious monster trying to save the world with his powers raising the X-Wing out the swamp, absorbing Sidious’ lightning, hopping around fighting adversaries taller than him.

it should be epic

I think an uncommon


Ye most uncommons are green for some reason

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I think it should be rare

ok i will think about it if you vote pls :pleading_face:


Whats so funny

I have waited all my life to do this so pls every one vote and @cloud stop laughing like you can do any better

I voted

he ain’t laughing at you :laughing:

context clues

Whats funny im just stating the facts

Or are those opinions

Not sure hehe

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pls vote i beg
if u guys vote i wil give u 5 robux cause i have a friend willing to ofer

Dont beg


come on people free robux is waiting for u