Using Trust Levels: What They Are and How to Achieve Them

Hey there! Curious about trust levels in Sweezy Community and how they work? Here’s a quick guide to understanding and achieving them:

  1. What Are Trust Levels?

• Trust levels are a way to reward users for their contributions and engagement.

• They help ensure that community members earn more privileges as they participate.

  1. The Four Trust Levels:

Trust Level 0 (New): Basic access to the forum. Limited capabilities to prevent spam.

Trust Level 1 (Basic): Achieved by reading posts and spending some time in the community.

Trust Level 2 (Member): Requires more reading, likes, and participation.

Trust Level 3 (Regular): Granted to active, trusted members who engage regularly.

Trust Level 4 (Leader): Manually assigned to the most trusted and experienced members.

  1. How to Achieve Trust Level 1:

• Enter at least 5 topics.

• Read at least 30 posts.

• Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts.

  1. How to Achieve Trust Level 2:

• Visit the community for at least 15 days (not consecutively).

• Give at least 1 like.

• Receive at least 1 like.

• Reply to at least 3 different topics.

• Enter at least 20 topics.

• Read at least 100 posts.

• Spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts.

  1. How to Achieve Trust Level 3:

• Visit the community for at least 50 of the last 100 days.

• Reply to at least 10 different topics.

• Receive 20 likes, and give 30 likes.

• Read at least 25% of new posts and topics created in the last 100 days (capped at 500 posts and 20 topics).

  1. How to Achieve Trust Level 4:

• Trust Level 4 is manually assigned by community admins.

• It’s given to the most dedicated and trusted members who have shown leadership.

  1. Benefits of Higher Trust Levels:

• More capabilities like flagging posts, editing wiki posts, and accessing private categories.

• Increased influence in the community through more permissions and trust.

  1. Maintaining Your Trust Level:

• Stay active and engaged in the community.

• Continue participating, liking, and contributing positively.

  1. Using Your Privileges Wisely:

• With great power comes great responsibility. Use your privileges to help maintain a positive community.

• Be a role model and guide for new members.

  1. Encouraging Others:

• Help others achieve higher trust levels by encouraging participation and engagement.

• Share tips and support new members in their journey.

Understanding and utilizing trust levels will enhance your Sweezy Community experience and help you become a valued community member. Happy engaging! :star2:

Why did this guy, @BigB get mod status first day?

Thanks @sweezy ! This helps a lot

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@sweezy i got member when i’ve only posted 10 times?!

I remember it’s just a joke, by @sweezy

do you need the trust level 3 requirements to get trust level 4?