Vote which mythical bro-mon is the best

In this topic, you will be voting what mythical bro-mon is the best. Which ever bro-mon is chosen the best, it will be posted to the Sweezy community

Catastrophe is the best.

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catstrophe for the win!

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Although catstrophe is cool too!

brrblaze and catstrophe

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Catstrophe winning by a landslide!

fierwall fenwir!!!

Let’s do a poll:

  • Catstrophe :cat2: :jar:
  • Firewall Fenrir :fire: :fox_face:
  • BroMon :eye: :trophy:
  • Doug :rainbow: :dragon_face:
  • BrrrBlaze :ice_cream: :dragon_face:
  • Monster Catnap :purple_square: :crescent_moon:
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