We need type advantages!

Have you ever thought that the game feels somewhat lackluster of strategy and is just pure luck?

Well i present to you… TYPES.

There should be type advantages and disadvantages making you more careful about your mon option when entering a battle.

Foodie, similar to dragon, should be super effective against itself and cybrr types (i havent found the type counter for it YET…)

Cybrr types should be super effective against browsarr because they are good at hacking the system.

And Maybe the Popular movie star type should be effective against foodies (my guess)

I really haven’t seen the other types so i’ll just leave this list here.

  • FluxTombo84

Yes, that’s a fantastic observation and a really good train of thought! We’ve actually been considering this and genuinely want to implement it. We’re currently working out the logic of types to make this functionality possible in the future.

Interestingly, I was just discussing with our developers that Foodies should be more effective against Cybrr types—it’s like spilling soda on a keyboard or dropping crumbs into it. Electronics definitely don’t like that! And yes, Cybrr will clearly have an upper hand against Browsarr monsters. This should add a strategic layer to the battles. Thanks for your great input!