We’re so sorry for the inconvenience…

We are sorry for any problems you might be happening with user @colizy as he has been very disrespectful and we are getting sweezy to ban him ASAP. Sorry guys!

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I wish @sweezy could just pop on and ban him now :frowning:

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I was going to tell him why he is mean but did not because he is going to be mean to me


Guys, let’s hope he gets banned
By the way, here at Sweezy Community one important thing is respect

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my god

He wants to get banned?

I don’t know!

I just don’t get it

Arghh I hate having to deal with these people

@sweezy help us


How long does he think he will stay?


helllllllllllllllllllp me

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I don’t know

If this is a “fake reddit” for you, why don’t you get out of here soon
Isn’t an question

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sweezy will help him