Which bro-mon is the best of them all!?

In this topic, you will be arguing about which bro-mon is the best.


if it is power then doug but if not then kingbara

dougs cousin brrblaze is so cute <3

you shall suffer electric chair

Naur i shall not

bromon bro-mon

  1. Cloudphant
  2. Doug
  3. @Catstrophe

That’s my top 3

Fitty also is very close

yesss sir

@SophiaDouh uses the same profile photo as you
and she is my second account

i think a potato is the best!

Guys start voting.

catastrophe is the best for me!

Why you guys don’t answer this on this topic?

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  1. it’s OG, because the Bro-mon logo is the exact same creature!
  2. it’s OG, because its name is the extension’s name!
  3. it’s OG, because it looks exactly like the Bro-mon master badge!
  4. it’s OG
  5. it’s OG
  6. it’s OG

I’ll stop yapping now…


it’s better

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it’s better, Catastrophe= cat in jar, it’s better cuz it’s just better, it’s better if you don’t like your weird, it’s better cause it’s a cat not a monster, it’s better cuz that’s what made me start the game, it’s better cause it’s a real animal!!, it’s better cuz catastrophe built different, it’s better [insert reason] Yeah I’ll stop yapping now (def not copy leader hwhehehhehehehehehhehehehehhehehwhrhehehegehhehehehehheheh)

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Try to come back with that leader!

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Alright have we come to a decision yet?

Yes, Catastrophe all the way to heaven!

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