Who wants movesets?

I mean like… Pokemon has movesets… so why souldn’t this game?
Bro-mons should have signature moves and others such as:
Stomping tantrum for Chrome Trex,
Infestation for Codebug
And also powerful moves such as dymamax ray for cataclysm (with changed name)
Confusion and dark pulse for s’morecerer
Scald for caffeinator
Recover for burger turtlle and all foodie types… etc etc
Please sweezy add this in the next uptade.

  • From FluxTombo84

Cool ideas! We’ll definitely look into adding signature moves for Bro-Mons in the future updates. Thanks for sharing, and congrats on getting an uncommon one! :tada:


Wow thank you sweezy, I’ll make sure to upate the other signature moves and other ideas later!

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Ok, thank you too :fist_right::fist_left:

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