Who watches anime?

just wondering bc im bored

I watch Pokemon and DBZ

oh i watch dbz too!

and pokemon

I am currently hooked on One Piece :pirate_flag::womans_hat:


Pokémon, DBZ, naruto, digimon, ATLA, TLOK… Also watched the first episode of My Hero Academia and Demon Slayer :slight_smile:

nice btw demon slayer has a really good plot i think you’ll like it

Demon slayer,DBZ,pokemon,Avatar the last airbender, the legend of Korra, etc.

my favs

I also watched Avatar the Last Airbender

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i watch demon slayer, Toliet-bound hanako kun, HxH, Danganropa, jujutsu kaisen, Naruto, Pokemon and wayy more

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but you watch really good ones!

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wait someone liked my post

never thought that would happen

I did :wink:

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Omg thanks!!

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No problemo!

jjk fowever

i also like anime

atla for sure live action and animated all the way!