Wiki Fandom? (for sweezy to see)

Hiya this is for sweezy i was planning to make a fandom and if you could provide and like reason or backstory to why you decided to create bro mon it would be nice (if anyone wants to help just ask)

Hey @kaiser !

First off, I just want to say how much I love your idea of creating a Bro-Mon fandom. It’s initiatives like these that truly bring our community together, and I’m excited to see where it takes us. Thank you for this awesome initiative!

Now, let me share a bit about the backstory behind Bro-Mon. It all started with a team of passionate creators at Sweezy, fueled by a love for fun, creativity, and pushing the boundaries of innovation. We had this crazy idea to transform the mundane act of internet surfing into a thrilling adventure filled with surprises and excitement. Where, while surfing the Internet, a user could meet monsters and interact with them. And thus, the concept of Bro-Mon was born.

Drawing inspiration from a myriad of sources – from pop culture icons to technical marvels, natural wonders, delectable treats, and modern youth aesthetics – we set out to create a world unlike any other. Bro-Mons, our unique mashups of all things awesome, became the heart and soul of this adventure.

But the journey didn’t stop there. During a stroll in park in 2023, a simple conversation with my brother sparked a revolutionary idea – what if we didn’t just battle these monsters, but collected them as our own? And just like that, the concept of Bro-Mon evolved, blending the essence of browsing (Browser Monsters) with the camaraderie of brotherhood (Bro Monsters). This is where the name came from.

With our patron-friend onboard as the main programmer, our dream started to take shape. We shared our vision with friends and acquaintances, gathering feedback and refining our creations. Our talented designer brought our monsters to life with stunning visuals and animations, while our programmer poured his heart and soul into every line of code.

And now, here we are, inviting you to join us on this epic journey. Your support, feedback, and enthusiasm have brought us this far, and we’re incredibly grateful for each and every one of you. Together, let’s continue to shape the Bro-Mon universe and create something truly extraordinary.

But it doesn’t end here. We want to take things further and develop the game together with our fanbase. That’s why we’ve created a thread in our Sweezy Community, where everyone can contribute to the development of the game. Whether it’s suggesting new functionalities, game mechanics, or even designing a new monster – your ideas are welcome!

And if you need any help in creating the fandom, I’m ready to lend a hand. Just let me know, and together, we’ll make this fandom a reality.

Wonderfull story thank you soo much :slight_smile:


Thanks! Glad you’re like it! :sparkles:

cani be in it

have you ever created a fandom/wiki?

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