Yo @sweezy when is the new upd coming out?

Sweezy , the creator of Bro-Mon, could significantly enhance the game by increasing the frequency of updates. Here’s why it’s a great idea: 1. More Gameplay : Frequent updates mean more content, which translates to more gameplay for players. New Bro-Mons, features, and challenges keep the game fresh and engaging. 2. Interaction : Regular updates encourage players to interact with the game consistently. It fosters a sense of dedication and commitment, as players return daily to explore new additions. 3. Variety : Frequent updates allow for a broader range of Bro-Mons, backgrounds, and features. Players won’t get bored with the same content, and it keeps the game exciting. 4. Community Engagement : Updates provide opportunities for community discussions, feedback, and excitement. Players can share their experiences and strategies, creating a vibrant community around Bro-Mon. In summary, more frequent updates would benefit both players and the game itself.

sweezy ahh post

I’m also hoping for an update soon :3

Same! I want some new Bro-mon to catch :slight_smile: