You choose your choice

What if we make a doodle are where you draw a crouser and then you can make it as your crouser. And we can also take pictures and download them into sweezy to make the pic of our new crouser. We can take a pic of a dog or something and make that as our crouser.

Hey, that’s an awesome idea for Custom Doodle! :smile:

And you’re in luck, we already have a tool for uploading your pics as custom cursors. It’s called the Constructor, and you can find it here: Sweezy Cursors Constructor

We even have a video tutorial on how to use it, which you can check out here:

Just remember a few recommendations when uploading images as cursors: Keep them no larger than 128x128 pixels, use images with a transparent background (like PNG format), and most importantly, don’t grow up – it’s a trap! :wink: