A new monster suggestion

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Explanation: This Bro Mon is called Dino-Byte, This Bro mon has Green skin and red pupils with green claws and a black outline. When Dino-Byte appears there will be a 3 green scratch mark animation which will then reveal the bro mon.
Rarity: Legendary (Or epic if sweezy wants)
Special ability: Decreasing enemy attack.
Type: Webby

@sweezy can add any changes to it if he/she likes!

Description: Once the joy of little explorers that turned into every little kids nightmare, having a dream of becoming the most powerful dinosaur.

Nice! Use
this topic to help you make it even better of a Bro-Mon

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It can also help you on your journey through the community. Welcome!

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Thank you for the information, i will try make this Bro Mon better and maybe can get it into the game :smiley:


Yeah! See also
Kaiser’s Bro Mon Guide :grinning: (v1.45) (OUTDATED) click the link at the bottom for the wiki post I will not be editing this no more and Beginner’s Guide to Bro-mon! for even more information on how things go. :))


Thanks, ill do that now. XD

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thanks man

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So ive made new changes: When the Bro Mon shows up on your screen, it will show a 3 green scratch marks, then the scratch marks will disappear so the bro mon will show.
The catch-phrase will be: ¨Slowpoke¨ or ¨Bet you cant catch me Slowpoke¨

Any more suggestions for my Bro Mon Let me know.


I really hope @sweezy adds this

@Catstrophe what do you think, what else should i add

It’s cool!

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Thanks man, im gonna wait until tommorow and see what sweezy says, i really hope he adds it :sweat_smile:



@SophiaBeifong hey, if you can, can you pin this so sweezy sees this when you have time? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m sorry but i can’t
@sweezy need to see all bro-mon ideas equally

@sweezy pls see this :disappointed_relieved:

Tip. Try make the comment on the top for @sweezy see

Thanks for the idea! But how do i do that?