The ultimate guide for EVERYTHING

Welcome to my ultimate guide, on, everything!
From Bro-Mon ideas, to bugs, to who can help, I’ll try to do my best to explain it.

Topic 1, How To Create A Bro-Mon

Step 1: Make the name. No Bro-Mon doesn’t have a name!
Step 2: What is the Crush/Rarity? How rare is it?
Step 3: The Catchphrase, this is the text that occurs when the Bro-Mon appears.
Step 4: The Description. Bro-Mon descriptions are not bland ex. This Bro-Mon is scaled. When it attacks it breathes out fire. It should be more like: ex. This Bro-Mon was born from ——. Its scaly skin with an exciting temper, results in ——- the fire-breathing Bro-Mon.
Step 5: What does it look like?/ the image.

        **Topic 2, Bugs**

Okay, so this is a topic I really need to talk about. What should you do when when you find a bug? Report it! Make sure it is in the bug busters section to sweezy can fix it.
Some Rules About Posting Bugs ( these are not official but to help Sweezy.)

  1. Don’t whine, it just makes you look bad, and is that really going to help Sweezy fix it?
  2. Don’t send multiple topics about the same problem, especially if many people have posted about it. You’re just making more to read. And if Sweezy said he was fixing, don’t post about it more.
    3.Be nice. It just helps so Sweezy doesn’t have to see drama and possibly suspend someone.

That concludes the rules of Bug Busting

           **Topic 3, Who Can Help**

You might be new, or don’t just simply don’t know who to ask for help, I’m helping you on this. :sunglasses:

People to Ask for Help:

@sweezy — He is practically the MegaMind behind all things Sweezy!

@cloud — He is the moderator here in the community and is glad to help

@SophiaBeifong — SophiaBeifong is always ready to help! She is a great person to go to for help.

@Catstrophe — That’s me! I’m willing to help and I can help make new users feel welcomed here. <3

                  **Thank you so much for reading this guide!**

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