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I love the phrase and the idea, but it can’t be a FanFave because it’s not an already existing character, sorry.

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This idea is SUPER cool! @sweezy even if you don’t add this you have to see it!!!

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hey heyu it’s not funny it’s perfect

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idea: dudu dudu bear ( sad version)
type: wildify
desc: Bob, a small bear from the Whispering Woods, was always scared of everything, from rustling leaves to fluttering butterflies.He always feared the smallest things like bugs, or even a SMALL piece of moss. Bob always wore a hoodie. Always. ik this bio kinda stanky
yes i made the drawing in paint 3d

Hey! If you like animals, you should vote for my warriors bro mon! Just a suggestion

Name: Dogaroo
Idea: he is jumping all over your screen!
Crush (level): epic
Type: Cosmix
Description (max 250 characters): This monster is jumping and flying everywhere! Dogaroo was born inside the magic tree in the over universe, but he accidentally got here from the black hole. He’s adorable, but be careful he can bite, and jump on the big distances with a light speed! Also he have very powerful legs, so he can protect itself.
Design (optional):

Name: Fowl
Idea: make you happy!
Crush (level): epic
Type: wildify
Description (max 250 characters): it’s the wisest animal in the forests. Also it’s having good hearing and flying.
Design (optional):

name blockolock
idea minecraft grass block with lock icon
crush epic
type webby
description born from the Minecraft 1.21 update, this block now ventures the web, looking for another user to lock

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i tried my best chrome web store bro-mon🤯